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 About us

Our Mission

Glamo aim is to innovate the beauty industry and become the #1 mobile beauty platform with creating jobs for thousands of beauty professionals in each city. 

Our Team


Aliano Harris
Co-Founder CTO


Rishielle Giscombe
Founder CEO


Andre Mckenzie
Co-Founder CMO

How did Glamo start?

Glamo was built on a vision.  A vision  to  create a hassle free future for you.  We understand how frustrating it can be to wait days or even weeks just to be seen by a stylist. We know it is annoying to arrive at the salon at  9:00 am and end up leaving at 10:00 pm.  Glamo values your time. That is why we have created a unique way to show you that we respect you. Glamo is here for you! For that last minute appointment or that planned event,  you can always count on us.